When sending an email out if you get an error like

An error occured sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting: rblsmtpd: xx.xx.xx.xx (your isp's IP) pid xx: 451 httpd://www.spamhouse.org/query/bl?ip=xx.xx.xx.xx


The above error you are getting is due to the reason that the port 25 is blocked by your ISP for outgoing emails.

Please change the Outgoing SMTP Port number in your email client.

  1. If you have a Linux Hosting Plan please change from 25 to 587
  2. If you have a Windows Hosting Plan please change from 25 to 2525

Once done, your outgoing mails should start functioning.

Below are example instructions on how to change SMTP outgoinig port EMAIL Clients.
Microsoft Outlook 2002

1.) Click Tools
2.) Click Accounts
3.) Click the Mail tab
4.) Double-click on the BlueTie account
5.) Verify that the email address is entered in all lowercase letters (General Tab)
6.) Click the Advanced tab.
7) Change the outgoing port to "25" to the desired port.
8) Click on "OK" once you have changed the port.

Mozilla Thunderbird

1.) Click Tools
2.) Click Account Settings
3.) Click Outgoing Server from the left
4.) Select the BlueTie outgoing server
5.) Click the Edit button
6.) Verify the port number inserted in the check box in front of "PORTS".
7.) Click on "OK" once you have changed the port number.

On how to configure email clients, please see this animated tutorials at Click Here.

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